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We sell everything from papers to hand pipes, we have one of the largest selections of water pipes, glass pipes, smoking accessories, and counter culture.

Huge Inventory

We have the biggest selection in Arizona of glass, pipes, waterpipes, tobacco, smoking accessories, hookah tobacco, cigars, oil rigs, custom glass, papers, blunts and counter culture apparel.

Convenient Location

Located on the corner of Thomas & Scottsdale Rd., Coughing Canary is located in Scottsdale and easily accessible from Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa & Glendale. We have over 5,000 square feet of glass & smoking products for sale with an inventory that is always adding new items each week.

The Biggest Selection

No other Smokeshop in Arizona has a bigger selection of products, we guarantee you will not find the type of quality, selection and variety anywhere else. With hundreds of different products, our smokeshop continues to lead our industry with the latest and greatest technology.

Coughing Canary

Arizona Smokeshop

About Coughing Canary Smokeshop

Located in old town Scottsdale, Coughing Canary is Arizona's largest & biggest smokeshop with hundreds of different products for sale. We have the largest selection of glass, water pipes, hookah tobacco, cigarettes, vaporizers and smoking accessories

Open 7 days a week, we are open at 10am to 1am Monday through Thursday, 10am-2am Friday and Saturdays and open from 10am-Midnight on Sundays. Our staff has extensive knowledge in the latest counter culture products while providing a wide variety of smokeshop solutions.

Coughing Canary Products

Glass Everything Pipes, Waterpipes, Oil Rigs, Bubblers & Everything else glass

Custom Glass

Pipes, Waterpipes, Oil Rigs, Bubblers & Everything else glass

Hi Si, ROOR, ROOR Tech, Medi-cali, SYN, Silika, Migrant, illadelph, Pyrology, Banjo, PHX glass, Zong!, Tsunami, Unbroken Glass, Fish Bowl Glass, D.D. Sherpa, Left Coast, PURE, ADS, Blue Dot, Sheldon Black, ZOB, Heavy, Graffix, Dynamite, Chameleon, MGW, KGB, Toro, Mezat brothers, Hit man, Si pipes, Manifest glass works, Noble glass, Insane glass, Darby, Toro, Salt Pieces, Hit Man Torches, Liquid, Conviction, Faded, Matrix, Bern Glass, SeedLess, Bob Marley, Acrylic, Vatra Bags, Iolite, Da Vinci and Storz & Bicke.

Smoking Accessories Papers, Blunts, Tobacco, Hookah Tobacco, Vapes, E-Cigs

Smoking Accessories

Papers, Blunts, Tobacco, Hookah Tobacco, Vapes, E-Cigs

We carry the latest and great Smoking accesories with the largest inventory of smoke related products in the Southwest. Whether your looking for your Tobacco related products and are looking for your latest Hookah flavored Tobacco, Coughing Canary has you covered.

Tobacco & Cigars Cigarettes, Shish Tobacco, Cigars & Roll your Own

Tobacco & Cigars

Cigarettes, Shish Tobacco, Cigars & Roll your Own

We carry the following cigarette brands Criss Cross, Southern Steel, Good Stuff, Golden Valley Cigarettes: Marlboro, Camel, Newport, Kools, wildhorse, Pall Mall, American Spirit, Djarum. The following Shish tobacco, Star buzz, Al Fakher, Fantasia and carry the following cigar brands Cohiba, Acid, Macanudo, Arturo Fuente, Romeo y Julieta, Rocky Patel, Perdomo, Don Tomas.

Industry Knowledge

We not only pride ourselves as the biggest and best smokeshop in Arizona, but we consider ourselves industry experts when it comes to smoke related products, glass & counter culture items. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email with any questions about any our products, we look forward to providing the right solutions for your smokeshop needs.

Coughing Canary

Inside Coughing Canary

Welcome to Arizona's largest & biggest Smokeshop. Take an inside look at Coughing Canary, we have the largest selection of products in the southwest!


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